Virginia Walcott '12

“Going into the IB Program, you may not know what college and subsequent level of academic difficulty you will be applying to or attending. This is normal, and I would even go as far as to say that this is an irrelevant factor in your decision compared to the wealth of other benefits the program has to offer.  As I headed to an Ivy League School,  I can thank IB for my level of emotional preparedness. I know how to learn from failure, manage seemingly impossible tasks, and most importantly, keep everything in perspective. Even though I quickly went from being at the top of my class to somewhere near the bottom, I feel as if I am a more mature learner than some of my classmates because I know what it means to put in work for the sake of a long term goal rather than an immediate grade. It’s a lot of work and a big time commitment, but I’d recommend IB to anyone looking for more than just a high school experience.”  

University of Pennsylvania ’16 / The Atlantic Monthly

Virginia was recently promoted to a full time position after a year in the Atlantic Media group's fellowship program.  Virginia is a designer for Atlantic LIVE, the magazine's events branch, developing graphic design for both the physical and digital aspects of events including website and social media.  She lives in Washington, DC.